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This spring, we host webinar for Danish and Icelandic Microsoft Azure partners. Each webinar will be 30 minutes, from 10:00 - 10:30AM CET. By registering on this page you will automatically sign up to all four Azure Forums.
This spring we will give you highlights from Microsoft Ignite and dive into Azure Basics for Scale with 3 dedicated sessions. The webinars are part of our Azure Forum on our local Partner Zone.

Data & AI, Microsoft Ignite

Most relevant, exciting, and unexpected highlights from Microsoft Ignite.

In this webinar, our partner architects in data and AI will pick their favorite announcement from Microsoft Ignite. Microsoft Ignite brings along a host of announcements and exciting news. We will pick the most relevant, exciting, and unexpected and share them with you.

March, 2021


April, 2021


Azure Basics to Scale #1: Azure Architecture

In the first webinar of the Azure Basics to Scale series, the focus is on building a strong Azure foundation and understand the basic cloud concepts to build for both small- and large-scale projects.

Azure Basics to Scale #2: Components of Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Most relevant components of Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

In the second webinar of the Azure Basics to Scale series, the focus is on leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework where it makes sense in your Azure projects.

May, 2021


June, 2021


Azure Basics to Scale #3: Templates to scale

Leveraging Azure best practices for any project.

In the third webinar of the Azure Basics to Scale series, the focus is on using Enterprise Scale architectures as templates in projects of all sizes to build sound and scalable solutions in Azure.


  • Frederik Gylling

    Frederik Gylling

    Partner Technology Strategist

  • Simona Toader

    Simona Toader

    Cloud Solution Architect

  • Henri Schulte

    Henri Schulte

    Cloud Solution Architect

  • Torben Juhl

    Torben Juhl

    Partner Technology Strategist

  • Christian Ømand

    Christian Ømand

    Cloud Solution Architect


Area of Interest Azure Arc
Format Online
Language English
Solution Area Infrastructure